Streamline Specialty Medication Workflows.

Better patient outcomes with better process.
For infusion centers and specialty pharmacies.
Step 1.

Intake streamlining.

Stop delaying patient treatment with calls and faxes to referring providers.

Start automatically retrieving data through state-of-the-art networks.

Luke Thorpe
Patient information:
Step 2.

Search through patient information.

Quickly surface contraindications, allergies, symptoms and other relevant details for ensuring your patient is getting the right care at the right dose.

Humira checklist:

ICD-10 codes covered:
Required lab results:
Contraindicated medication:
Previous medications:
Search Patient Chart
Step 3.

Stop guessing at payor policies and managing portals and forms.

Auto-populate prior authorizations and get real-time feedback on payor policies and approvals.

One dashboard to view all submissions.
Covers both medical and pharmacy benefits.

Prior authorization submission

Prior Authorization Key: 0308509340
Patient Information
Expiration date: 09/02/2026

“Being able to see exactly what I need to get the patient ready to be scheduled is a dream.

We've been able to reduce our time to treatment by days, sometimes weeks.”

* Patient advocacy specialist at Xcenta Specialty Pharmacy.