Fly through Prior Authorizations.

Reduce or Eliminate Workload for Prior Auths.
Covers medical and pharmacy benefits.
Step 1.

Care Templates to Make Life Easier.

Templated smart phrases and letters of medical necessity.

Ensure a seamless data flow from patient encounter to submission designed to hit payer requirements.

Luke Thorpe
Patient information:
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No varying forms. No calls to insurance.

A single standardized prior authorization form per medication across all payers.

Simplified and made easy for busy medical assistants.

We take care of the complexity for you.

Wegovy PA checklist:

ICD-10 codes covered:
Required lab results:
Contraindicated medication:
Previous medications:
Required documents:
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Step 3.

Reduce work by 10x by autofilling forms.

Auto-populate demographics and payer responses from  your EHR ready to be reviewed.

One dashboard to view all submissions. Useful for both retail medications and easing specialty pharmacy operations for claims submissions. Covers both medical and pharmacy benefits.

Prior authorization submission

Prior Authorization Key: 0308509340
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Expiration date: 09/02/2026

“DoPriorAuth makes PAs a dream. A few seconds and its done. One place to do it all.”

* Patient advocacy specialist at Valley Health Care.